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  • If people behaved like cats during massages they would be pleased and then bite.
  • Because cat always slept beside her at computer, Deb installed track pad in the cat to keep working.
  • An owl rotates its head around so it can look up while getting a back massage.
  • Villains from Star Wars massage people's backs.
  • For cats, the pain given should be directly proportional to the pleasure received.
  • Bread wife is found by husband with another slice buttering her.
  • Easter Bunny's massage, just like eating a chocolate bunny, starts with the ears.
  • Vampires likes to pick up women after they leave from massage therapy.
  • Fish think that a declawed cat attack is like a massage.
  • A genie wants a back rub as well as a lamp rub to grant wishes.
  • Gumby has a lapse in judgment and gets a full body massage, emerging all bent up.
  • A man yells to his wife that the new massaging showerhead is scaring him with its hands.

You searched for: massage