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  • A man gets a giant edition of Billboard.
  • A dog has a choice of dentures to pick from.
  • CNN designs the comic section.
  • A new army recruit will get his training on base, in the field, and at the post office.
  • A woman gets a letter in the mail with a virus attached.
  • A dog prepares to eat the mailman with a package of Mailman Helper.
  • Scooby and the Gang can't come to Halloween parties because they unmask the guests.
  • Consumers disregard packaging warnings.
  • A shark mailman brings men named Bill instead of the bills.
  • A homing pigeon commits a mass shooting.
  • A dog watches a TV channel with shows like How to Skin a Cat and Death of a Mailman.
  • A computer goes postal after being forced to send too many emails.

You searched for: mailman