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  • Gross caviar dish warns party guest it’s high quality but has sat out for four hours.
  • Rebelling insects enjoy unexpected choices, potato bug eats rice, fragrant stink bug wears Chanel, wild partying recluse spider & grasshopper skipping.

  • Couple on laptop want expensive couch but buy cheaper one after cat scratches furniture.
  • Dogs flying on airplane are envious of first class travelers’ belly rub perks.
  • King gest one-upped by queen who wears a red velvet cake robe.
  • A cat poops in a plant instead of the litter box.
  • Fly is angry his last moments are spent in a low thread count spider web.
  • Oscar the Grouch retires to a dumpster.
  • Wife says bed sheets need higher thread count while husband suggests less cat hair.
  • A lawyer bribes a judge by making him an ice cream sundae at the stand.
  • A woman buys her cat a Deluxe Kitty Bed, but the cat sleeps in the box it came in instead.
  • A dog resents a cat for doing no work and getting a private indoor bathroom.

You searched for: luxury