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  • Wild leftover pizza animal in office scares employee returning to in-person work.
  • Criminal customers eat deli lunch meats at dinner, wore sun dress in cloudy weather, spread jelly with butter knife & walking in running sneakers.
  • Spoof Olive Garden restaurant serves choking artichoke and Medusa gorgonzola monster pizza.
  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.

  • Telecommuting worker eating in kitchen is grossed out by coworker cat’s dead rat lunch.
  • Sneaky dog coworker runs off stealing owner’s lunch in working from home problems.
  • Bird wonders who is stealing his lunch.
  • Cavemen wait for fire to be discovered before they can use grill.
  • Flatbread sandwich comes into being when piano falls on sandwich.
  • Dasher leaves restaurant early leaving reindeer to have to pay for the bill.
  • Mom edits alphabet soup for son by taking out all the Fs.

  • Godzilla makes his son mac and cheese out of Mack trucks.

You searched for: lunches