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  • Building nails visit wood board spot friend mysteriously disappeared by hammer 35 years ago.
  • Builder constructing hippopotamus shaped Trojan horse asks if they can build something else as horses are too hard.
  • Rebellious insects defy preconceived ideas with butterfly prefers margarine, professional plumber carpenter ant, atheist praying mantis & yellowjacket wearing purple sweater.

  • Misspelled Thanksgiving texts autocorrected bread stuffing staffing, turkey gobble Google, cranberry sauce saw & underwear gift thongs giving.
  • Tree gets depressing Chinese fortune cookie paper that says he will be a fortune.
  • A piece of wood can't fit into her jeans because she's no longer a 2x4.
  • New construction tool product, the Sawmer, is a painful marketing failure.
  • A tree gets cut down, revealing that she was lying about her age.
  • Loggers accidentally cut down the hollow tree that the Keebler elves live in.
  • A lumberjack gives trees a stressful test to pressure-treat them.
  • A man's snores sound like a tree being cut down, scaring the tree outside his bedroom.

You searched for: lumber