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  • Doctor diagnoses tree as having Keebler elves living in him.
  • Disney characters are reanimated as zombies.
  • Frosty the snowman melts and comes back to life as a zombie.
  • Frosty the Snowman has to wear a hat to come to life, but his friend Louie has to wear a bra to come to life.
  • Zombies use a human's head as a pinata.
  • Leeches are sad their kid wants to stop mooching off them.
  • Dirty gutters house birds and are declared protected wetlands.
  • Artist's body outline street drawings make neighborhood seem dangerous.
  • Stranded snowmen confess to eating carrot noses to survive.
  • Teenaged kangaroo wants to move back but mother's pouch is zippered.
  • Man opens file cabinet to find living wills are living.
  • Mayfly doctor tells patient it is in good health and may live to see another day.

You searched for: living