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  • Candles complain menorah movie is a little predictable.
  • A man does armpit farts at the god of thunder tryouts.
  • Frosty the Snowman stops smoking when he melts his face off trying to light his corncob pipe.
  • A woman doesn't like her husband's light-up pants.
  • Cats attracted by fish smell prompt man to light candle that attracts bees.
  • While in bed, fireworks add sparks to their relationship.
  • A child welds more candle holders to his family's menorah to get more presents.
  • Museum custodian on ladder feels self-conscious at patrons' stare.
  • Interviewed by talk show fly, a moth drawn to the light is asked if it is drawn to the spotlight.
  • A man tries to use a regular candle as a firework, while the Roman candle is ruining his house inside.
  • A man scoops incandescent bulbs while a woman uses a soft serve ice cream machine to make fluorescent bulbs.
  • Throw rugs and throw pillows made it through product testing, but throw lamps did not.

You searched for: lighting