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  • Lice occupy Wally's receding hairline as if it's Occupy Wall Street.
  • Ticks use Google Earl instead of Google Earth to see entire scalp landscape.
  • Flea uses GPS to get to and from dalmatian's spots.
  • A tree is infested with kids and needs shampoo to get rid of them.
  • Bart Simpson's head lice have trouble living in spikes.
  • Flea claims to have been to woodstock the bird but no one believes him.
  • Desperate tech support people use monkeys to eat bugs out of computers.
  • The truth about dandruff is that it's debris from flea parties.
  • A louse circumnavigates Columbus' head and discovers it's round.
  • A louse is impressed at the height of Cosmo Kramer's cooties' home.
  • Cooties take a vacation on Yosemite Sam.

You searched for: lice