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  • Octopus denies tentacles are extensions.

  • A man grows very old on a never-ending non-stop train ride.
  • Two people have one arm longer than the other because their big dogs pull on them.
  • A jellyfish's tentacles look shorter because he was in cold water.
  • A piece of wood can't fit into her jeans because she's no longer a 2x4.
  • Krazy IV is not as popular as straw because it takes too long to deliver medicine.
  • Doctor loses bet over length of patient's intestine.
  • Rapunzel styles her hair in the shape of an entire pony.
  • Dog thinks chewing leash leads to freedom, but instead leads to shorter leash.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex's short arms don't look raised earning him an F.
  • Fishermen get photos of fish pumped with air to enhance the appearance of their catch.
  • Rapunzel gets fired from chef job when her long hairs appear in customers' soup.

You searched for: length