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You searched for: laziness

  • Cat sleeps through summer vacation.
  • Farmer wants goats to eat his long grass.
  • Cats gets high score in video game by doing more of nothing.
  • Bird prefers seek out locally grown see rather than get seed from the birdfeeder.
  • Teenager tells dad he's not brushing his teeth because he is seasoning them.
  • Caveman worries about other caveman's drawing of bull in a provocative position.
  • Dog owner is annoyed lazy dog uses GPS to locate stick in park.
  • While cats sleep and wash, cat owner rakes living room of cat hair.

  • Future technology includes self-driving car, self-pedaling bike, self-shopping cart, and self-screaming coaster.
  • Wife complains to frog that he doesn't take her plaguing anymore.
  • Google is testing out self-walking shoes.
  • Wife is disappointed housefly never wants to go out.

You searched for: laziness