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  • Sheep is shocked to find wolf in her closet trying on her clothes.

  • A dudebug keeps beer cans in his spots.
  • A beetle asks a ladybug if she's really a lady, because another ladybug lied about her gender to him before.
  • Witches think another witch injected her warts with collagen.
  • Woman tells friend she decided to install black countertop that shows fingerprints, but hides ants.
  • Man wants to pick next movie rental, the woman chose a movie where viewer desertion is advised.
  • Lady books at the bar decide the guy book approaching the bar is to be judged by his cover.
  • A boy chameleon changes his color to purple to impress girl chameleon whose favorite color is purple.
  • Snowman warns friend about snowwoman because she's a gold digger, or rather a coal digger.
  • A woman and her dog both expose their midriffs.
  • A man returns everything from the Twelve Days of Christmas, except the dancing ladies.

You searched for: ladies