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  • Family gives thanks to cartoonist for meal by not using place settings because he hates to draw them.
  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

  • Woman has redirected her inward anger by trapping man with knifes thrown at wall.

  • A butter lawyer asks a defendant to identify a butter knife.
  • A turtle has a shell for protection, but also uses a knife.
  • The stone with the sword in it wishes it could see a specialist.
  • Caesar should have gotten a knife-proof toga when he had the chance.
  • A kid doesn't want his mom to call him little pumpkin after she carves a pumpkin.
  • Man doesn't know how to use upside down utensils to eat Chinese food.
  • Bread wife is found by husband with another slice buttering her.
  • Surgeon is still using old operating system with large blade and without anesthesia on patients.
  • Lord Stanley's dining utensils all resemble hockey's Stanley Cup.

You searched for: knife