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  • Pinata and piggybank awkwardly discover each plotting to smash the other.
  • Jason uses GPS for his favorite Locations.

  • Leprechaun uses phrase from Scarface to announce he's holding a cleaver.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • Dinosaur reads how to become a vegetarian after trying to kill triceratops and getting hurt.
  • Turkey regrets his dotted line neck tattoo when farmer approaches with ax.

  • Pirate is disappointed he's walking off the plank and will be two steps short of his FitBit goal.

  • Crow admits to being involved in murder because he is social.
  • Cat wears t-shirt that says what doesn't kill me makes me curiouser.
  • Candlestick maker worries butcher and baker are plotting to eat him.
  • Cat gives cat a flower as a symbol of their love of killing plants.
  • Cat thinks his present of a dead mouse is better because it is a real heart.

You searched for: killing