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  • Girl trained dog to sniff hidden Easter eggs but flaw in the system is he eats them.
  • Cats argue over who keeps empty gift box from Christmas present one gave the other.
  • Cat woefully laments to diary how glass keeps him from fish and birds.

  • Oscar the Grouch goes to therapy for being a hoarder.
  • A mad scientist has a jar jar jar with Jar-Jar Binks inside.
  • Cop confronts stork about reports that he has been hoarding babies.
  • A grandmother hoards a Viking horde.
  • Caveman thinks his wife's hoard-like gathering is out of control.
  • Mad scientist wonders if there is a better way to rack their brains.
  • Rats stage intervention for pack rat Terry because he isn't hoarding.
  • Ghost compliments the disrepair of friend's home.
  • An old woman saves all her e-cards by hoarding computers.

You searched for: keep