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  • Two snowmen can't tell the difference between eyes and teeth, because theirs are made of coal.
  • A defendant wears Yankees tie to trial and angers Bostonian jury.
  • Armless Venus de Milo statue in museum is envious of a many-armed Hindu goddess statue.
  • The steroid abuse trial takes a sudden turn when the judge smashes the bench with his gavel.
  • A lawyer bribes a judge by making him an ice cream sundae at the stand.
  • A judge takes the trial outside on the lawn.
  • A dog in court recieves the breath penalty.
  • Lawyers have bumps on their head from a belligerent judge who hits people with his gavel.
  • Pinocchio said he was sober, but afterwards he couldn't touch the tip of his nose.
  • Gravy is on judicial trial accused of trying to smother a turkey.

  • A group of vampires are in court, and all are found guilty.
  • A judge rules that photos don't do the plaintiff justice.

You searched for: justice