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  • Rumor is this salmon will spawn anywhere.
  • Woman explains to cop she texted because cars beeping would have interrupted a conversation.
  • Big Bad Wolf sends Little Red Riding Hood friend request on Facebook.
  • Judge orders centipede to keep all of his 100 feet away from woman centipede.
  • Cell phone call interrupts reading of the verdict.
  • Woman concerned at wisdom of lighting irregular fireworks.
  • While chastising a driver, surgeon uses cell phone during brain surgery.
  • A kid claiming to be a band's biggest fan exclaims he pirated all of their music.
  • The FDA makes Cupid label his arrows with the side effects of love.
  • The cartoon diagrams the anatomy of the teenage brain.

  • Gumby has a lapse in judgment and gets a full body massage, emerging all bent up.
  • People driving think the man in front of them is driving erratically, but really he's avoiding potholes.

You searched for: judgment