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  • Man in crowd running from Zilla smashing city laughs at stomp me sign on man’s back.
  • Flow chart shows cartoonist’s creative process to brainstorm funny ideas before deadline.
  • A crate of cartoon captions washes up on a deserted island.
  • Headless Horseman is tired of hat gag gifts.
  • Cat knock knock jokes send them under the couch in fear after hearing the knock.
  • Defendant gest worst April Fool's joke when jury jokes that he's not guilty.
  • Dog teases dog wearing cone that he can now be a sundial to tell time.
  • Potatohead doesn't realize teacher is calling on him because prankster switched his ear for a raised arm.

  • Chicken crossed the road playing Pokémon Go.
  • A cartoonist's campfire scary story is where a joke has no punchlines.
  • Mongoose is disappointed can of snakes is actually can of nuts.
  • Obi-Wan leads Stormtrooper astray by telling him that's not the Waldo he's looking for.

You searched for: jokes