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  • Telecommuting worker is frustrated by slacker cats and dog coworker pets napping while he works.
  • Dogs flying on airplane are envious of first class travelers’ belly rub perks.
  • Angry dog sees owner put table scrap food waste in compost bucket, it’s bitterest rival.
  • Depressed cat feels like it’s missing out compared to cellphone’s social media status updates of cats napping.
  • Owners wonder whether cat would prefer being only cat as it shoots kitten off on a rocket.
  • Jealous bird yells at friend eating pizza without him.
  • Ghosts gossip about bleach job.
  • Emoticons gossip about emojis plastic surgery.
  • Heart organs comment that perfect heart had to have had plastic surgery to be so well shaped.
  • Presents eye each other angrily at party because they are wearing the same giftwrap.
  • Turkeys with large wattles are hipsters.

  • Dracula's wife is jealous of tattoo of old girlfriend's name on his chest.

You searched for: jealous