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  • Cartoon character Bart Simpson nervous as lawyer presents to court spiky triangle hair evidence found at crime scene.
  • Cat in carrier with scratched owner wonders if it will get a longer sentence for resisting arrest.
  • Purple color runs away from rainbow created by light passing through prism.
  • Catwoman is captured by following a laser pointer directed into a jail cell.
  • Due to short-staffing, cop has to be both good cop and bad cop to suspect during interrogation.
  • Cat's parole board want to be sure if they let the cat out they he won't want to come right back in.
  • Chest of drawers has to id from a police lineup which chest dropped its drawers.C4

  • A pelican in a police lineup is given away by the purse in his beak.
  • Santa is a suspect of a crime at a Jewish house.
  • Consumers break the recommendations on products.
  • Consumer police reports of abusing travel mugs, garden shovels, gps, and terms and conditions.

You searched for: jail cells