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  • A man on a desert island has writer's block and can't figure out what to write on the message he's going to put in a bottle.
  • A bee gets a honeycomb cubicle in the corner.
  • A hermit crab sharing his shell with a girl crab rethinks being a hermit.
  • Worm without partner realizes that he's reproducing asexually tonight.
  • Two seals on a desert island realize that they can swim away.
  • Psychiatrist abandons a patient fearful of abandonment.
  • A bat doesn't know what has been happening cause its been living outside the cave.
  • Volunteers bring food to baseball players stranded on the bases.
  • Genes are isolated in a lab on a tiny desert island.
  • A can at a therapist says it just wants to be included.
  • The two remaining stooges turn Curly into fries when trapped on a desert island.
  • A piece of swiss cheese goes to therapy because it has a fear of abandonment.

You searched for: isolate