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  • Old woman claims shoe house is exempt from taxes because it is clothing.
  • Deer survive hunting season by taxidermy evasion.
  • Gilbert's tax preparation software hits a pivotal moment when it asks how much jail time is he willing to serve.
  • A woman doing her taxes tries to count a pity date as a charitable contribution.
  • Ozzy Osbourne's accountant tells him his family's income is tied up in a swear jar.
  • A couple claims that animals are dependents on their taxes.
  • When a man collapses, there happens to be a CPA nearby.
  • Frodo isn't give a ring, but a tax loophole that everyone is after.
  • The old lady who lived in a shoe doesn't worry about IRS audits because she keeps her receipts in a shoe box.
  • Adam and Eve have the original Sin Tax on apples.
  • George Harrison gets audited every year because he wrote 'Taxman.'

You searched for: irs