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  • St Patrick wishes he had driven mosquitoes out of Ireland instead of snakes.
  • A man gets a green fungus disease, but it's on St. Patrick's Day.
  • A leprechaun looks through his closet to decide which green suit to wear.
  • The Pink Panther arrives at a St. Patrick's Day party where all the guests are green.
  • A leprechaun asks a girl at a bar if she's interested in 50 Shades of Green.
  • Leprechaun can't find pot of gold because there's no rainbow.
  • Lucky leaves cereal mascot party to get lucky with some women.
  • Wife caught cheating with leprechaun claims she is going green.
  • Dirty Harry meets his match when he asks a leprechaun if he feels lucky.
  • City tries bad idea of turning all stoplights green for St. Patrick's Day.

You searched for: irish