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  • Ferocious leopard claws out of Leopardy Jeopardy spoof parody quiz show game box showing injured man hurt by cat scratches.
  • Zombie lusts after intelligent brains of Jeopardy game show contestants on TV.
  • Woman is scared off by Scientist's Brains.
  • Pinatas gossip about empty headed Pinata.
  • Teacher is impressed when the smart board reads her mind about wanting to go home and relax.
  • Mouse wonders if his intelligence should be insulted by straight maze.
  • Tablet teacher tells students he's there to help raise their brightness.

  • Rather than run through maze, rat fishes for cheese.
  • A robot pretends to be smart and another robot says it's artificial intelligence.
  • A guru on top of a mountain reads fortune cookies to people who find him.
  • C3P0 can't read his doctor's note.
  • A mouse in a maze goes faster when he's rewarded with bacon instead of cheese.

You searched for: intelligence