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  • Scratched dog tries to pick cat out of police lineup.
  • A lawyer defends his client from money-laundering charges by showing that he can't even do normal laundry.
  • A dog gets carded at the liquor store and says he only has to be 3 to be 21 in dog years.
  • Researchers wonder if it's legal for mouse to use pogo stick to get to end of maze.
  • Cat cries identity theft when another cat eats food out of his personalized bowl.
  • Mother shares controversial photos of uncle on bearskin rug with child.
  • Woman explains to cop she texted because cars beeping would have interrupted a conversation.
  • Bryan didn't realize the policeman followed his speeding updates on Twitter.
  • Criminal confuses cop during Miranda rights by saying "Kittens are fluffy."
  • Sylvester the Cat confuses granny's tweets on Twitter with her being a bird.
  • Inmate wonders when his cell mate's long run-on sentences will be over.

You searched for: illegal