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  • Oscar the Grouch describes raccoon trashcan thief suspect to police sketch artist on Sesame Street.
  • Guide identifying cumulus, cluttered accumulus, square cube cubulus and goofy waving Fred clouds.
  • Smartphone is annoyed by other cellphone that can’t remember its name.
  • Snowflake's phone is protected with shape recognition.
  • Turkey identifies guilty party that stole his wattle in police line up.
  • Tree identifies snowman that stole branches in police line up.
  • Chest of drawers has to id from a police lineup which chest dropped its drawers.C4

  • At the Starbucks convention, all the name tags are misspelled names.
  • Woman asked to identify from line up who watched her while she slept.
  • A butter lawyer asks a defendant to identify a butter knife.
  • A penguin confesses his love to the wrong penguin because they all look the same.
  • A doctor gets an eye test using a chart with bad handwriting.

You searched for: identify