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  • A boy doesn't have the five-second rule in his house because his dogs eat any food that falls on the floor.
  • An employee washes his hands in the bathroom, but the rest of him is covered in dirt.
  • Dog doesn't want to drink from toilet now that other dog has put his mouth on it.
  • A feline parody on a famous phrase 'look before you leap'.
  • Man uses his cat's whiskers as floss.
  • A woman flosses with her necklace at a date.
  • A cat bathroom has a sign reading "employees must lick paws before returning to work."

  • A snake's mom and a kid's mom tell them not to touch each other.
  • A tissue tells other tissues to prepare to be used.
  • When a toothbrush gets old, he cleans toilets.
  • A man has a runny nose and the woman in front of him in line is wearing a kerchief.
  • A girl who tattles on her brother is the original automatic teller.

You searched for: hygienic