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  • Pinatas cheer for payback movie of vengeful pinata chasing people with stick.
  • Cat on laptop answers security questions about scratching, puking and knocking things off table.
  • Shark sleeps listening to people scream for help on ocean sound white noise relaxation machine.
  • Mosquito ordering airline tickets on computer website picks peoples’ names as flight stops.
  • Cat on laptop learns to drive pet owners insane on cat advice website by ignoring treats dropped by foot.
  • Aliens preparing taxes with accountant deduct abducted human as a dependant
  • People love funny cat behavior videos while cats are horrified by online videos of humans.
  • Rat is disgusted when he reads about a city overrun with people.
  • Piranha kid complains to mom that sister got one more bite of human.
  • Mosquitos Fit Bite tracks how many bites he's able to give humans.

  • Sharks attacking a diver in a cage prefer cage-free divers.

You searched for: human