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  • Turkey with cellphone weather app thinks 350 degree Thursday forecast can’t be right.
  • Anteater watches video on laptop of anteaters eating fire ants in viral challenge online.
  • Cat psychologist suggests hot bath with peas and carrots for stressed bird therapy patient.
  • Tyrannosaurus dino at beach has red sunburn everywhere its short arms can’t apply sunscreen.
  • Cave man making lava snow angel can’t wait for an ice age.
  • Man burns roof of mouth on hot pizza and tiny repair man climbs ladder to fix it.
  • Snowmen campfire stories are the scariest.
  • People distractedly looking at their phones fall into holes kids dig on the beach.
  • Snowman breaks up with snowwoman because their May-December relationship would cause them to melt.
  • A cheeseburger is in heaven, while pastrami is in purgatory.

  • Kernel warned popcorn he'd pop in the heat without sunscreen.
  • During snowy winter, tree looks forward to warmth of dog peeing on it.

You searched for: hot