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  • Kernel warned popcorn he'd pop in the heat without sunscreen.
  • The three bears are the first to have inconsistent results from using microwave over.
  • After his face melts, Frosty reminds himself not to order sunnyside up eggs anymore.
  • Anteater cooks ants from anthill with magnifying glass.
  • A snowball refuses to melt in hell.
  • A woman's hot flashes mean her heating bills are cheaper.
  • A candlestick argues with her boyfriend about whether a menorah is hotter than her.
  • A man wearing a top hat in a desert is worried he overdressed.
  • Frosty the Snowman stops smoking when he melts his face off trying to light his corncob pipe.
  • A devil with straight horns asks a devil with curly horns what kind of product he uses.
  • A white wine sets the thermostat too cold for red wine.
  • Tick gets caught in avalanche of animal fur during shedding season.

You searched for: heat