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  • Lots of brain cells die on New Year's Eve.
  • Star explains some smaller stars are her kids and others are her headache.
  • Advent pills parodies Advil pain relief pills.
  • Zombies devour brain of man with ice- cream headache.
  • Wine bottle complains that bubbly personality of champagne bottle causes a headache.
  • Doctor tells Humpty Dumpty he knows what is causing his headaches, which is a beak is coming through his head.
  • The virtual migraine computer program proves to be a marketing failure.
  • Nylonol, parody of Tylenol found only on the black market and a pain reliever made for bank robbers.
  • A woman dumps her drinks in the fish tank, giving them a hangover.
  • Worm fortune-teller predicts her client will decide golf is one big headache because golf spike is about to enter his head.
  • This man has a headache at a birthday party because his hat is upside down and pointed into his head.
  • Headache inducer is used to disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle.

You searched for: headache