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  • Seagull babies want to know if they came from the stork.
  • A minion hatches into Big Bird.
  • An overripe eggplant hatches a bird.
  • Trojan horse hatch is right under the tail and soldier wonders if location can change.

  • Donald Duck's friends remember that ducks are hatched, not born, and call off party.
  • Doctor tells Humpty Dumpty he knows what is causing his headaches, which is a beak is coming through his head.
  • Chicken has trouble sleeping due to restless egg syndrome.
  • A man finds a long-lost Easter egg, which has hatched a chick.
  • A bird hatches from an egg just as several cats climb up near her nest.
  • A chick hatches from an egg and worries about its security deposit.
  • Birds' eggs hatch, revealing a boy bird, a girl bird, and a pair of pantyhose.

You searched for: hatch