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  • Leprechaun uses phrase from Scarface to announce he's holding a cleaver.
  • Snowmen and slugs are being attacked by salt shakers.

  • The Charlie Brown Hazmat Suit is full of holes.
  • A gingerbread man gets another gingerbread man chattering teeth as a stocking stuffer, but they eat him.
  • PETA sends Medusa a warning for wearing her ponytails too tight.
  • A kid doesn't want his mom to call him little pumpkin after she carves a pumpkin.
  • Unable to be pierced, Superman asks woman what it's like to have body piercings.
  • At museum, kittens learn that there is a motif of cats inflicting pain on dogs in feline art.
  • Judge in medical malpractice lawsuit sees plaintiff fall because of getting two left feet.

You searched for: harming