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  • A pinata is full of ants.

  • A man at a restaurant is a party of one.
  • A turtle bursts out of a cake for a party, but she takes so long that it gets stale.
  • Mom puts together leftover cake pieces from kids for dad's birthday.
  • To avoid germs on birthday cake, parents use remote control candles.
  • Discouraging birthday card tells fish he's old enough to be cooked and eaten.
  • Woman turns cake with a ninety-one upside down to be a sixteen.
  • A fish gets his wife a birthday message made of other fish, but a carnivorous fish eats part of it and makes him look mean.
  • Donald Duck's friends remember that ducks are hatched, not born, and call off party.
  • Castaway wants fellow castaway to make a wish but not tell what it is.
  • A woman pinches her son to grow an inch before his birthday, and it works because he bumps his head and gets a lump on top.
  • A woman blows out spit guard birthday candles.

You searched for: happy birthday