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  • Sloth asks other sloth why it’s moving faster and it answers it shouldn’t have had a second shot of espresso.
  • Gangs of angry toilet paper rolls hung over and under prepare to fight in street brawl.
  • Bats in yoga class stand upright instead of hanging upside down in cave.
  • A bat has to sleep right-side up because he broke his legs.
  • A bat tells another bat that he'll open a can of whoop-head on him.
  • Charlie Brown plays with a virtual kite and gets tied up in computer cord.
  • Zombies use a human's head as a pinata.

  • Bit Bat wafers parody Kit Kat wafers.
  • Dress rejects velvet shirt who is crushed.
  • Santa charges a re-stocking fee for filling up Christmas stocking.
  • Judge called the hangin' judge for his style of hanging out in the courtroom.
  • Christmas ornaments watch a movie called Nightmare Before Christmas where a cat bats at an ornament.

You searched for: hang