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  • Car is invented that has hands to push itself out of snowbanks.
  • Rather than praying, praying mantis prefers the non-denominational sending-positive-vibes mantis.
  • Index fingers on rubber gloves are horrified to learn what they'll be doing.
  • Mr. Potatohead must hold eyeballs closer to tv to see because he refuses to get glasses.
  • The hand without a puppet makes for the worst puppet government.
  • Potatohead doesn't realize teacher is calling on him because prankster switched his ear for a raised arm.

  • Swiss lobster has various tools for claws and legs.

  • Pirate with hook for hand is excited to get another hand at second hand store.

  • Fingles fingers for piranhas parodies Pringles chips.
  • It is not rubber glove's lucky day when he is chosen by the proctologist.
  • Therapist is impressed gloves stayed together for the entire season.

You searched for: hand