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  • Drunk Han and Greedo argue over who took first shot.
  • Hunters will need a bigger gravy boat after shooting giant turkey.
  • Snails openly carry salt shakers.
  • Mayflies watch a movie.
  • Soldier cats try to shoot a laser pointer's dot, but they can't destroy it.
  • Gangsters hide evidence by dragging bullet ridden cheese to Swiss section.
  • Web site takes a long time to load, like a musket.
  • There's a 10 day waiting period for turkeys to buy deli slicers.
  • Unable to be pierced, Superman asks woman what it's like to have body piercings.
  • Children invoke a real war with thumbs when playing Thumb War.
  • Big laser guns burn off patient's head during early laser eye surgery attempts.
  • God wants to talk to angel shooting at his halo.

You searched for: gun