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  • Turtle asks turtle with head and legs in wrong shell holes if it got up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • Grouchy cat boss knocks telecommuting owner’s paperwork off desk in harsh performance review.
  • Man asks President Garfield’s empty desk in White House Oval Office what he thinks of Mondays.
  • The original GPS was actually a grumpy pointing spouse giving directions.

  • The Helping Hand's brother is an unhelpful hand making an obscene gesture.
  • A girl watching Miley Cyrus hopes that her cat's role model isn't Grumpy Cat, and the cat thinks the same thing in reverse.
  • Sneezy sneezes and ruins buffet line food for other seven dwarfs.
  • Cat puts on Mother-In-Law collar to repel mother-in-law during visit.
  • Patient cannot get insurance coverage for his preexisting conniption.
  • This man has a headache at a birthday party because his hat is upside down and pointed into his head.
  • An air purifier turns swears into pleasant words.
  • The Betty Rubble Center provides rehab for troubled cartoons.

You searched for: grumpy