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  • Mom taking smartphone baby photo is distracted by texts and social media until son grows up into bearded man.
  • Tree sprout tells father it’s not easy growing up in his shadow.
  • Alien parents need to discuss probing with teenager.
  • Bart Simpson grows spiky armpit hair during puberty.
  • Mom explains that potatohead son's misplaced body parts are because he dressed himself.

  • Frosty runs rom mob of adults angry about the snow.
  • A snake is sad because she was going to eat eggs but the nest was empty.
  • A screw has the se talk with his son.
  • Leeches are sad their kid wants to stop mooching off them.
  • Nickname of Widdle Bitty Kitty Widdy doesn't fit unusually large cat.
  • Cashier offers mom the option of buying teenager a Sullen Meal.
  • As a sheet of plastic wrap hits puberty, pimples manifest in the form of bubble wrap.

You searched for: growing up