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  • Johnny Appleseed's partner is his pooping dog Maggie Fertilizer.

  • Muscled turkeys need to submit to random drug testing.

  • Marketers raise razor prices only to find out men would rather have beards than pay more.

  • Feral chia pets attack passersby.
  • The Wizard of Oz and the Tinman develop a romantic relationship after the Wizard gives the Tinman a heart at the end of the movie.
  • Pinocchio lies on his dating profile and his nose breaks his computer screen.
  • A fish evolves, but discovers that land is really boring.
  • A woman cheats on her boyfriend with Mr. Potatohead.
  • A man had a beard before it was cool.
  • New parents receive their son as an adult because the stork outsourced its job to a sloth.
  • A girl opens a zucchini lemonade stand.

You searched for: growing