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  • Spider grills barbecue fly dinner on spiderweb Webber brand Weber Grill company product spoof.
  • Mouse grilling hamburgers tells barbecue guests if they want cheese in snap trap they’re on their own.
  • Medusa holds empty bun by grill as snake hair has hot dog in belly.
  • Superhero men sit legs spread wide apart at super spreader event barbecue.
  • Charcoal BBQ grills in elevator are grossed out by stinky gas grill farting.
  • BBQ grill charcoal sees charcoal pencil drawing and regrets not being an art major in college.
  • Hot dog, catsup, burger and mustard all feel they’ve made a terrible mistake with who they’re dating.
  • Cavemen wait for fire to be discovered before they can use grill.
  • Man can keep to his diet when he has to cook food that fits on small grill.
  • Snake falls in love with similar looking grilled hot dog

  • Ray's specialties are all smoked because his barbecue is always full of smoke.
  • Dante's nine circles of grill include varying degrees of burnt foods.

You searched for: grills