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  • Medusa has snake hair and sees a snake with people hair.
  • Sisyphus goes on a ski vacation.
  • Medusa gets snakes shortened for her summer haircut.
  • The clash of the titans is due to mismatched clothes.
  • Gods stage an intervention to get Cupid to stop wearing diapers.
  • The Tooth Fairy doesn't visit Medusa because one of her snakes was waiting.
  • The mythical character Atlas has a problem after a penguin slips down his toga.
  • The mythical character Saturn's phone rings during a movie.
  • The mythical character Zeus writes rhymes like Dr. Seuss.
  • The mythical character Mercury gives away his cat.
  • The mythical character Medusa starts her day by shaving off snake heads.
  • Gods play golf to set up the planets.

You searched for: greek gods