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  • Student calls teacher grammar troll for correcting verb error in his sentence.
  • Yoda fails at New Year's resolution to speak using proper sentence structure.
  • A bank teller corrects a robber's note.
  • Mother with poor grammar wonders why son is failing English.
  • With misspelling of complaint, Conplaints Desk gets complaints.
  • Days Inn Motel sign puts space in incorrect place to be Day Sinn.
  • Woman accepts skywriting proposal to marry Mel, not kneeling boyfriend.
  • Man getting tattoo worries when he reads misspellings in the storefront sign.
  • Words that are left out of acronyms, like FBI, get a support group therapy.
  • Yoda meets a kindred spirit in Dr. Seuss because they both speak the same.
  • A group of symbols see a period piece at the movies.

You searched for: grammar