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  • Black cats go to a bar on Singles Night.
  • A crash test dummy warns a man against buying a self-driving car.
  • Mother sends daughter Hanukkah gelt and guilt for not coming to visit.
  • Stale fortune cookies reveal fortunes that apply to the past.
  • About to be picked, a four-leaf clover claims to be lucky laughs at the other clovers.
  • Theory of throwing salt over shoulder does not work for snowmen.
  • Play on the saying Murphy's Law with the coleslaw spilling.
  • This unlucky lady bug gets stepped on by a horse.
  • A dad uses his super powers to help his team win.
  • A bunny is genetically engineered to be more lucky.
  • A woman tells her husband to put his best foot forward at a job interview, but one of his feet is rotten and disgusting.
  • A giant ladybug lands on a man, crushing him.

You searched for: good luck