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  • People have trouble playing giant golf.
  • Kids who will grow up to be future golfers practice cheating at mini-golf.
  • Stuck mini golf ball shuts down wind turbine power to the city.
  • Cat tells golfer he might want to avoid sand trap as it just used the trap as a litter box.
  • Snowmen playing golf in snow loses coal golf balls.
  • Golfer brings two sets of clubs--one to use and one to break when angry.
  • A golf ball in a seedy part of town realizes he's in the rough.
  • Man tracks his success with anger management class by displaying bent golf clubs on the wall.
  • Man plays golf while pretending to rake leaves in yard.
  • Vampire heads home after 18 holes, sucking the blood from nine people.
  • A new house is really cheap because it is built right next to a driving range.
  • Worm fortune-teller predicts her client will decide golf is one big headache because golf spike is about to enter his head.

You searched for: golf