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  • Old Macdonald soundproofs his farm house to drown out animal noises.
  • Boss tells employees that there is no scapegoating or goatscaping during his meetings.
  • A goat feeds her husband a dictionary and he tells her to stop putting words in his mouth.
  • A man complains that the bank is gerbil and hamstering him to death.
  • A girl gives animals at the petting zoo bubblegum.
  • Cool ranch salad dressing is made with animals that dress cool.
  • A baby only gets one present for his birthday, which is also Christmas.
  • A goat has a clamp in his stomach after surgery, but there's no way to know from the X-ray whether he ate it or the surgeon left it there.
  • A hare looks at an ewe and a kid.
  • Dr. Seuss tried a lot of failed options before coming up with the Cat in the Hat.
  • An impala plays cards with cheetas and his friend tries to warn him they're cheating.

You searched for: goat