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  • Giraffes becomes annoyed with antelope because he drink his coffee quickly.
  • All Ark all animal franks parody Ball Park all beef hot dog franks.
  • God reprimands Noah for building cubicles on ark, not cubits.

  • Veterinarian has giant cone for wounded giraffe.
  • Noah is supposed to bring 2 of each animal, but he brings lots of cats at his wife's insistence.
  • Person in giraffe's neck gives away that he's gone off vegetarian diet.
  • Beach doesn't allow dogs, but does allow all other types of animals.
  • Noah is in awkward position with friend requests from three giraffes.
  • Noah corners the market on zoos by keeping animals in the ark.
  • Poking fun of the swan dress the singer Bjork wore to the Grammy Awards.
  • Noah has to stop the big cats from gambling with r odents on the arc.
  • Two giraffes think they sense low-lying predators, but the third giraffe sensed a low-lying branch by running into it.

You searched for: giraffes