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  • Grim Reaper standing next to smelly grim reeker farts asks if something died.
  • Man in electric car asks woman to stop posting online that he’s passing gas while driving past stations.
  • Swelly Belly parodies Jelly Belly jelly beans.

  • Balloon angers elevator companions when he deflates.

  • Spouses of wind instruments buy lots of air fresheners.
  • Woman disguises passing gas as noise of a sound birthday card.
  • Godzilla gets gas after eating L.L. Bean, so he eats part of the Gas-X company.
  • A Beanie Baby has to take Gas-B-Gone to stop farting from eating beans.
  • Columbus also discovered armpit farts.
  • Elvis asks for directions to Heartbreak Hotel amongst other hotels named after ailments.
  • Squid's meals are ruined by secondhand ink.
  • A piece of Tupperware doesn't quite fit in.

You searched for: gassy