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  • Grim Reaper standing next to smelly grim reeker farts asks if something died.
  • Man in electric car asks woman to stop posting online that he’s passing gas while driving past stations.
  • Farting office workers regret Take Your Chili To Work Day typo.
  • John farts to get paddleboard to move.
  • Swelly Belly parodies Jelly Belly jelly beans.

  • Balloon angers elevator companions when he deflates.

  • A Christmas tree puts up a Cut Your Own sign.
  • A dentist runs out of laughing gas and has to give his patient laughing solids.
  • Laughing gas takes effect on patient as she texts LOL.
  • Balloon declines inhaling helium to get high, as he is designated driver.
  • The center advocating for a smaller carbon footprint adds to its footprint.
  • Spouses of wind instruments buy lots of air fresheners.

You searched for: gas