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  • Spoon finds himself bullied by forks when he's on the wrong side of the plate.
  • Teenager bleach bottle is envious of bleach alternative, but warned by mother to stay away.
  • Lucky leaves cereal mascot party to get lucky with some women.
  • Harley Davidson motorcycle gang reads Harry Potter by bonfire for the motorcycle parts.
  • A cat secret agent has a mission to infiltrate a group of Manx cats.
  • At the fireworks, the AAAHs gang met their rivals, the OOOHs gang.
  • A dog was in a group, but resisted the pack mentality of smoking.
  • The Oompa Loompas and the Munchkins have a turf war.
  • A dog wants revenge on Bob Barker for a sign.
  • The characters from Peanuts get real jobs.
  • Chickens wait in an alley to attack a politician who promises a chicken in every pot.
  • A carrot gets cut into slices.

You searched for: gang