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  • Emojis get together at the Emoti-con convention.
  • Cat knock knock jokes send them under the couch in fear after hearing the knock.
  • Man thinks he's embarrassing woman with birthday singing in restaurant, but it's really her birthday.
  • Sharks are impressed by ventriloquist with man in his mouth.

  • Friends laugh at Frankenstein having to wear the cone of shame.

  • Dracula laughs about funny bat meme.

  • A cartoonist's campfire scary story is where a joke has no punchlines.
  • Salmon can purchase tourist photos of themselves swimming upstream.

  • Bread allows one more game of peak-a-boo in toaster before getting burned.
  • Watching people run from the water screaming as they remember phones in their pockets is good beach entertainment.

You searched for: funny